Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Moshzilla Is Born

Have you heard of Moshzilla?

Much like Star Wars Kid, this unfortunate soul was circulated around the net, and lots of people along the way got onboard to make contributitions.

This is the original, candid photograph which started Moshzilla on her road to fame.

As you can see, less than flattering in and of herself. Which is not to mention the horrified looks from her peers.

Presumably, this pic was one of the first mods, thus earning her the "Moshzilla" moniker.

Moshzilla dwarfs the moonmen...


Moshzilla is no stranger to violence. Her excellent stamina and physique comes from hours of humping with the other war pigs:

Her brilliant tactical mind was sharpened on hours of Lemmings:

Don't even fuck with Moshzilla when you plug her into the 'tendo yo! This is where she got her killer reflexes:

Moshzilla only has one move, but it's a near fatality from anywhere on the screen if the other character can see her:

Moshzilla takes her shame to the street.

Moshzilla lashes out at those who gave the power to the people who photoshopped her:

"Moshleader -TSHH- this is Mosh5 -TSHH- we're moving around the back -TSHH-"

The fame eventually goes to Moshzilla's head and in an attempt to corner to market she takes on Star Wars Kid:

It's not enough for her though. SWK is small potatoes. She needs to assault an ICON!!


Moshzilla enthusiastically pursues many sporting endeavours...

She's on concrete:

She's on wood:

She's on court:

She's on ice:

and snow:

She's on dirt:

She loves the water:

She's in your backyard:

M.C. Zillascher


Moshzilla runs with a wild crowd because she IS wild! Just check out that peg leg!

"AArrRg!! It's worse than me!!"

It appears Lil John doesn't like having pictures taken of him when he's kickin' it wit Moshzilla..

Moshy cuts the rug (in this case, a hardwood rug?) like she's ringing a bell... :

... a cow bell, specifically.

Moshzilla gets around now to more parties than ever, and sometimes in color!

OOPS! No open flames near Moshzilla please!

Moshzilla feared that she was filled with evil, so..
Moshzilla was playing Kumbaya at a party when she saw Pope Jean Paul II while he was offering a thrash-metal sermon:

Playing with the Pope gave her holy party powers:


Moshzilla tames the mighty Pupzilla with the help of her friend, Hissy Face.

This photo of Moshzilla's breeder surfaced recently. Note her half brother, Chickenzilla behind her. Technically, that's the closest she ever got to an exposed cock:


Wait, who's that behind Moshy and John?

You know, moshing works up a Huge sweat. Gonna need some help rehydratizin' and who bigger and better than..

That's right ch'all. K to the oolaid yo!



This post is for Jordan :D